Boundary Waters Canoe Trip July '06

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip July ’06

My wife and I drove from Boone, all the way to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  We stopped in Chicago on the way.  The huge Ferris Wheel on the Navy Pier was cool, and we spent some time looking at shops on the Magnificent Mile.  After that, we traveled up to Duluth to pick up a buddy for our canoe trip.  Duluth has some cool topography, and it was great to watch freight ships come in and out of port from Lake Superior.

Hungry Jack Outfitters (who we highly recommend if you take a trip up there!) got us ready for our canoe trip.  We had not done much travel by canoe previous to this trip, but it was a breeze after about an hour on the water and after our first portage.  It’s pretty funny to watch each other take turns walking through the woods with an 18′ 3-person canoe on your shoulders!

We took quick refuge in our Hammerhead tent as soon as the hum of the mosquitoes began at dusk every night.  All things considered, and despite the mosquitoes, this was one of the best trips of all time.  We went for several days without seeing another person.  The lakes were so peaceful, the campsites could not have been better, the weather was warm but not terribly hot, and the water was always great for swimming.  We saw bald eagles, ducks, beavers, a wolf, loons, hawks, falcons, etc etc.  Fishing was fun and we were able to cook up a few small mouth bass we cleaned over an open fire.

We will absolutely do another Boundary Waters trip;  it’s just a matter of time.  A few pieces of gear really made a great difference in our comfort level:  hammocks are a MUST HAVE; a tent with plenty of headroom, so that if bugs are bad it is comfortable to hang out inside;  a good med kit (I got a leech during one portage!  Nice to have a way to dress the bite);  bug juice;  a good compass;  a camping towel.

Enjoy some video and pictures from our trip…



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Hey I recognize those dry bags! Cool photos. You ought to try the Everglades or Okeefenokee next.

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