Calloway Peak Hike 07/11/10

On Sunday I had the opportunity to hike up to Calloway Peak on Grandfather Mountain.  My buddy Ryan was with me, as well as my son Silas.  This was the first time Silas has been to Calloway Peak, so it was special to share that experience with him.

Funny how 30lbs on your back is much different when it talks nonstop and leans back and forth shifting its weight the whole time.  I loved every minute of it despite the wiggling and endless questions (hey, I still ask questions about nature too, to be fair).  I had Silas in the Deuter Kid Comfort II. I have a long torso and it fits very well.  Carried all the weight on my hips…not my shoulders!

Ryan was excited to see the airplane wreckage that I had spoken of last year when we last were out hiking.  Kind of interesting and different to stumble across something of that nature in the woods.  We saw no one on the trail, since we got a late start.  We got back to the car right as the sun fell below the horizon.

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