Massey Energy: Too Dangerous to Do Business

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Petition to Revoke Massey’s Corporate Charter

Massey Energy has long been a bad corporate actor. From destroying land, water and human health with mountaintop removal coal mining to ensuring the deaths of numerous coal miners by ignoring mine safety regulations, Massey has shown little regard for Appalachian communities and people.

A scathing new report commissioned by then West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin points the finger squarely at Massey Energy for the deaths of 29 miners from a massive explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia last April. The report indicates that lax safety standards and a culture of greed rampant throughout the company created a chain of events that caused the disaster.

Massey must held responsible for its lethal recklessness.

Companies like Massey can do business only because “we the people” grant them a corporate charter. Massey Energy’s is legally based in Delaware, giving state Attorney General Beau Biden the power to revoke Massey’s right to do business.

Send a message that we will not allow Big Coal do conduct business-as-usual. Ask Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden to revoke Massey’s charter today.

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Massey Energy: Too Dangerous to Do Business

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