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National Committee for the New River(West Jefferson, NC) – In spite of day-long pouring rain, nearly one hundred supporters of the National Committee for the New River (NCNR) gathered on Saturday, July 31, for this year’s annual meeting celebration.  This year the meeting was held at the River Ridge Cattle and Land Company in Independence, Virginia.  Paddlers on the New River Expedition 2010 also joined the celebration after their morning float.

Along with celebrating the river, NCNR gathered to present their annual Wallace and Peggy Carroll Vigilance Awards. The awards honor the spirit, dedication, and perseverance that former publisher and editor, Wallace Carroll and his wife Peggy, brought to the battle to save the New River from a massive dam project in the 1970s.  The Wallace and Peggy Carroll Vigilance Awards recognize the efforts of individuals and citizen groups who work to protect and preserve the New River.

This year, the Wallace and Peggy Carroll Vigilance Awards recognized Cynthia Hancock with Skyline Soil and Water Conservation District and Elden Horton of Hillsville, Virginia, for their volunteer efforts.  NCNR presented a Wallace and Peggy Carroll Vigilance Award to John Robertson of Blacksburg, VA, for his legal work with the Concerned Citizens of Giles County in their efforts to combat a fly ash dump on the New River.  Bill and Debbie Gardner of Charlotte, NC, were also recognized for their contributions through their Classic Graphics company, which prints NCNR’s award-winning newsletter and other materials, and their continuing help with river clean ups in Virginia.

The Wallace and Peggy Carroll Vigilance Award recognizing Lifetime Achievement was presented to Phil Hanes of Winston-Salem, recognizing his more than 30 years fighting to preserve and protect the New River.  Mr. Hanes’ involvement goes back to the beginnings of NCNR and the historic dam fight in NC and VA.  Most recently he helped the citizens of Coxes Chapel in VA prevent the construction of a prison on the river in Grayson County.

NCNR envisions a permanently protected New River as a treasured natural resource.  The mission of NCNR is to advocate for successful protection of the New River, to restore eroding river and stream banks and enhance riparian habitat, and to permanently protect land important to the New River.  NCNR works in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia’s New River watershed.  The organization has protected nearly 6,900 acres of land important to the River’s water quality, scenic and natural values, and has restored over 69 miles of river and stream bank.

NCNR supporter Mike Horn (left) delivered Phil Hanes’ Lifetime Achievement Award to him on Aug 1

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