NEW RIVER EXPEDITION 2010… is coming your way!

National Committee for the New RiverTime to get your feet wet in the New River with the National Committee for the New River!  See our tentative schedule (Expedition Public Schedule 2010) for the adventure (times and locations can always change due to weather and river conditions).  You’ll also be able to follow along on the website, our Facebook Causes page ( and on Twitter (  We’ll send out daily adjustments/changes in the schedule on our E-Newsletter as well.  If you’re not already getting it, please send an email requesting the E Newsletter.  Included in this tentative schedule are contacts for outfitters that will be helping participants during those days on the Expedition.  They will be ready to help with arranging for boats and shuttles, when needed.  Please call us if you need help with these arrangements.  We also have pictures from last year’s Expedition, should you wish to use them.  Just let us know and we will provide them to you.

Come on out on the New River with us this summer!

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