New River Expedition Schedule 2010

National Committee for the New RiverHere’s our first publication of this year’s New River Expedition schedule. We will continue to keep you posted as we refine our itinerary and add events along the way. We hope you’ll consider joining us. As you review this schedule and consider coming along in 2010, please keep a few “rules of the river” in mind for the planning process:

– NCNR is pleased to welcome those who want to paddle with us, but we’re not set up as outfitters, and we wouldn’t want to take business away from our outfitter friends anyway! So, please know that you need to make your own arrangements for getting boats and equipment, transportation, shuttles, lunch/food, and camping or other overnight lodging you may need. Outfitters along the route will be aware of our Expedition and the times we’re likely to be in their service area, so you can let them know when you contact them that you are joining us, but your engagement with them for various services is your own. We will again post a directory of outfitters on our website for your use.

– Safety is paramount! There are easy, intermediate, and expert sections of the New River and you need to know your own skill level before you take off. Proper safety equipment including PFDs (personal flotation devices) and helmets are required for Class II rapids and above and you are responsible for having this equipment and using it. Our schedule is color coded to provide you with the information you need to be properly prepared. Call us if you have any questions you might have.

Color Key: Green: Beginner, Easy, Class 1&2
Blue: Intermediate, Medium, Class 2&3, Helmet Required.
Black: Expert, Hard, Class 3 to 5, Helmet Required.

Week 1:
Sat. 7.24 Launch! Brookshire Park, Boone, at 7:00am. Take out at Green Valley Park. 16 miles.

Sun. 7.25 Todd Island Park event in the am. In the water at 1:00pm. Take out at Al Jordan’s (near Hwy 163). 17 miles.

Mon. 7.26 Put in at Hwy 163/Al Jordan’s at 8:00am. Lunch at Elk Shoals. Take out at Zaloos. 14 miles.

Tues. 7.27 Put in at Zaloos at 7:30am. Take out at 221 Access at NRSP. Lunch at Wagner Access & NRSP Program. 17 miles.

Wed. 7.28 Put in at 221 Access at 7:30am. Take out at 93 Bridge. Lunch at Riverside. 18.5 miles.

Thur. 7.29 (Optional Day) Put in at North Fork—McNeil Rd at 9:00am. Take out at Confluence.

Week 2:
Sat. 7.31 Put in at Bridle Creek at 10:00am. Take out at Hwy 21. Annual Meeting at River Ridge Cattle Co. 10miles.

Sun. 8.1 Put in at Riverside at 8:00am. Take out at Old Town. 6.5 miles.

Mon. 8.2 Put in at Fries Park at 11:00am. Take out at River Hill. 7.5 miles.

Tue. 8.3 Put in at Ivanhoe. Take out at Foster Falls. New River Trail SP Program. 7.5 miles.

Wed. 8.4 Put in at Foster Falls. Take out at Allisonia. 12 miles.

Week 3:
Sat. 8.7 9am-12pm: Bissett Park Clean Up. Lunch at Bissett Park. Put in at Bissett Park at 2:30pm. Take out at 114. 6 miles.

Sun. 8.8 Put in at 114 at 10:00am. Take out at Whitethorn. RAAP. 8 miles.

Mon. 8.9 Put in at Whitethorn at 8:30am. Take out at Eggleston.

Tue. 8.10 Put in at Pembroke at 9:00am. Lunch at Whitt River Bend. Take out at Bluff City. 11 miles.

Wed. 8.11 Put in at Glen Lyn at 8:30am. Take out at Indian Creek. 17 miles.

Week 4:
Sat. 8.14 9am-12pm: Hinton Clean Up. 1pm Parker Island Lunch. Put in in Hinton at 2:30pm. Take out at Brooks Falls. 6 miles.

Sun. 8.15 Put in at Grandview at 9:00am. Take out at Thurmond. 14 miles.

Mon. 8.16 Put in at Thurmond at 9:00am. Take out at Cunard. 7 miles.

Tue. 8.17 Put in at Cunard at 9:00am. Catered lunch on river. Evening event in Fayetteville. Take out at Fayette Station. 7 miles.

Wed. 8.18 Put in below the Dries at 11:00am. Take out at Confluence. 2 miles.


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