A quickie overnight on Steele Creek

A quickie overnight on Steele Creek

A few of us from the shop got together to camp out on Steele Creek the night of June 12.  We left after work, and had plenty of daylight to get set up and gather some firewood before it got too dark.  We did not see any snakes (but I suppose that doesn’t mean we didn’t step across any without noticing!).  The water down there was SO refreshing.  It is a must to wear Chaco’s so that the pups can breathe and be in the cool water on the way.

Two of us camped out under tarps in our ENO hammocks, and David had his solo Mountain Hardwear tent.  The forecast was indicating flash flooding and heavy rain…we are glad that the clouds danced around us.  We only got a few light sprinkles!

We stayed up till midnight around the fire and the clouds moved off to reveal a starry night.  John sautéed some cabbage on his Whisperlite stove to go with the rest of his meal and shared it…super tasty.  We forgot our flashflight frisbee…there is a nice field near the campsite where we will have to throw some next time after dark.

The next morning we were sweeping cobwebs with every step it seemed…spiders love to boobie trap the trails near creeks!  What is great about returning to Boone from this area is that you can take the Blue Ridge Parkway the whole way up to 321, and see Grandfather and cross the Lynn Cove Viaduct.  What a great drive!  Not sure what the next quickie overnight will be…perhaps up atop Grandfather Mountain.


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