Perfect Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park

Perfect Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park

We just returned from Rocky Mountain National Park.  We had 5 nights to camp and 5 days to hike, and it was an incredible experience.  Simply waking up and zipping open the tent to see the view from camp was rewarding enough.  Having been to RMNP before, it was a great chance to hike some new trails.  We hiked above 13,000 ft for the first time, and saw tons of wildlife, dramatic storms, and wildflowers were in full swing.

A few friends of ours accompanied us and we had a lot of laughs and shared a lot of hiking adventure.  It is really neat how many different types of terrain and vegetation one encounters when hiking between 9,000 and 13,000 ft in elevation.  We escaped a lightning storm, got rained on, and were attacked by mosquitoes, but since we were geared up well we were comfortable the whole time.  A few key items that made my experience a good one:  merino shirts from Icebreaker, trekking poles, my Osprey Manta 25 hydration pack, Darn Tough socks, and my Oboz Firebrand hiking shoes.  I’ve been in this area hiking a few other times, but this visit by far was the most pleasant, largely due to such great developments in these specific pieces of gear.

I was a bit trigger happy, and brought home over 700 photos.  Here are a few highlights…


July 26, 2010 10:36 am

Bill Barbour  Post a Reply

Thanks! I’m headed out there the second week in August and if I wasn’t excited enough already, you nudged me the rest of the way.

July 26, 2010 2:16 pm

Patrick A. Berry  Post a Reply

Love the great pictures! You are a pro!

July 26, 2010 10:27 pm

John Rihani  Post a Reply

Fantastic pictures Jason! Angie and I will look forward to heading back out there with you guys one of these summers!

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