A quick hike on Roan Mountain

A quick hike on Roan Mountain

Keith, a buddy of mine that lives in Georgia, called last night and said he was in nearby Johnson City for a conference.  He had some free time so I met him up at Carver’s Gap on the Appalachian Trail, at Roan Mountain in Tennessee.

The sun was intense (and I forgot my sunscreen…oops! ), the breeze and temperatures perfect.  We had fairly good views but since it has not rained lately the air hadn’t been cleaned off in a while, and the atmosphere was pretty thick.  I always forget how great a place Roan is to hike, and it actually is not that far away from Boone at all.  I’m already excited about pitching a tent in that area in the near future.

I had some time as well to stop by the visitor’s center, which is interesting.  There is info there on the history of the mountain, and of the area.  It’s always cool to learn about geographic areas an how they affected culture and history.

The autumn leaves are really beginning to change and fall up high at Roan…I recommend checking this area out soon if you can!


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