THIS THURSDAY: Music and Mountains Converge in Boone, NC!

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Uncle Mountain and Matrimony have joined forces with Appalachian Voices to help raise awareness and inspire action to help end mountaintop removal mining. The event, to be held THIS Thursday, July 28th at Boone Saloon, has been affectionately dubbed “Boone Loves Mountains” and is part of a series of shows happening all along the East Coast since earlier this year. It is the team’s hope that people will leave this show knowing more about the devastating impact that mountaintop removal has on all aspects of life in the Appalachians. You can RSVP and share on Facebook.

Uncle “As a band we feel especially connected to this issue because it is happening in the very place that we call home,” said Ryan Lassiter of Uncle Mountain. “In fact, the energy company that provides our electricity uses coal retrieved from mountaintop removal.”

Lassiter learned about his connection to mountaintop removal coal mining from the interactive feature called My Connection on This interactive tool allows visitors to see their connection to mountaintop removal coal mining through their electricity grid. Using Google Maps or Google Earth, users can visit mountaintop removal sites that supply the coal to the user’s local plants.

“At first glance it is impossible to imagine that this practice is even real,” Lassiter said. “It seems like some sort of alien technology that can’t possibly exist! But, unfortunately for you and me, and the 20,000,000 other human and non-human inhabitants of Appalachia, it really does exist, and it has for over 40 years.”

Since moving to Appalachia, Lassiter has discovered the beauty and hidden treasures of Appalachia’s rolling hills, glens, and hollows. Lassiter strikes a chord with all who cherish the delicate streams and secret haunts of our mountain abode when he says, “We live in one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. It seems that everything is rare and unique here. Plants and animals, geological formations, weather patterns, and cultural phenomenon—this region is filled with more character and beauty than anywhere else on Earth.”

Uncle Mountain is excited to take the stage at Boone Saloon to share their blend of rock and folk with lively percussion, rich harmonies, and colorful textures from all of their favorite music from around the globe. Appalachian Voices is also excited to introduce Boone-town to Matrimony. They will be taking the stage at Boone Saloon bringing their combination of Americana-rock influences and Irish-folk roots, while blending modern anti-folk and indie rock. Both groups have captured the unique spirit of Appalachia and are a hit with Boone’s local music scene.

So, come out join us for some incredible music, and be inspired to join the fight against mountaintop removal. Learn how you can become more involved with Appalachian Voices, and how you can make your own unique contributions to the fight against mountaintop removal mining. We’ll leave you with some music from Uncle Mountain…

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THIS THURSDAY: Music and Mountains Converge in Boone, NC!

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