Voice Your Support for Stronger EPA Regulations of Air Toxics

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Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed more stringent regulations of mercury, acid gases and other air pollutants from power plants. These national standards will keep 91% of mercury in coal from being emitted into our air, and thus out of our waterways. These measures will also reduce particulate pollution, preventing hundreds of thousands of respiratory illnesses across the US.

For decades, hundreds of tons of mercury emitted by coal-fired power plants has contaminated lakes and rivers far away from the pollution source. When it comes to air toxins, we all pay the price for dirty fossil fuel energy.

The EPA has the power and ability to protect our air under the Clean Air Act. Updated regulations, such as this ruling, are necessary to constantly improve the health of our air, waterways, and communities.

You can voice your support for the EPA’s regulation of toxic air pollution by emailing the EPA using the web form below.

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Voice Your Support for Stronger EPA Regulations of Air Toxics

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