Wilson Creek Camping

Wilson Creek Camping

The first of June, Mat and I went to Wilson Creek in the Pisgah National Forest, for the first time. The drive was beautiful, winding down Roseboro Road, everything in the forest neon green, with a sweet smell of blossoms coming through the windows of the VW bus. We headed down to Mortimer Campground to set up, get a good night’s rest and hit Harper Creek trail in the morning.

If you get the opportunity to go to Wilson Creek PLEASE make sure you have the following:

  1. a map
  2. water
  3. head lamp
  4. shoes for crossing creeks

We hiked in the 2+/- miles to the falls, which were amazingly beautiful! After the adventure of climbing down the rope to the swimming hole, the roar of the falls and heat of the sun, along with the 52-degree water, made it all worth it! When we were done soaking up the sun and the mist from the falls, back up the rope we went (much easier going up then it was going down) to hike about another 7 miles in. Crossing the creek more then a hand full of times, keeping a close eye on the barely marked trail, the sun for keeping up with what time of day it was, and of course for the snakes. We make it back out ready to meet up with our friends who live close by.

Lounging in the ENO hammock, showing 3 year old Norah how to roast marshmallows, and throwing the ball around with her. Made a great end to the day and trip to Wilson Creek.

Abby White


February 12, 2011 11:37 am

Sheila Ostroff  Post a Reply

Sounds like an amazing time, Next time I would like to join.
-Peace and Love

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